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Hi all! I haven't been around in a while/at all... It's because I've been very busy in real life and also there hasn't really been much to report. Those of you who know me know that I've been dealing with a mystery-leg-issue with my dog Soro.

Quick recap on symptoms: head bobbing, decreased extension of hind legs, 'bunny hopping' but not like a dog with hip displaysia, pain only when iliopsoas area is palpated. 'Weird' gait in general without obvious signs of limping, no decrease in energy or appetite, otherwise perfectly healthy including bloodwork. Ruled out lyme disease. Xrays and PennHIP scores are beautiful. Adequan, Rimadyl, and laser therapy have no effect. (Can you tell we've been working on this conundrum for a while?)

There has been little progress for the longest time. A lot of vets thought arthritis, ACL injury, or some other joint problem. But all tests and Xrays came back negative. Soro's been to, what, five vets by now? Including surgeons and physical therapists.
The GOOD news is I recently took him to a chiropractor and after one adjustment it was like walking a different dog... So far, that has been the only thing that has made a difference. Turned out his pelvis was way out of alignment, probably from some rough play or trauma I overlooked two years ago. Soro is still not 100% yet and he hasn't had a good run, training session, or game of fetch/tug in too long. But hopefully things are getting better. Vets are still wondering why he is not 100% after 3 adjustments now. People are speculating that because of the chronic/long term nature of this misalignment his muscles might take longer than usual to catch up... But who knows.

I just wanted to put up an update because people on this site have been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout this ordeal. Also, if anyone else has a dog with a problem like this, this might shed some insight?

And lastly, last night I noticed a tinge of pink on his lower left canine, probably nerve or pulp damage from a marrow bone. He's seeing the vet (again) tomorrow morning and I'm hoping it will go away, as opposed to having to have the tooth extracted or having a root canal.

That's all. There hasn't been a month that's passed that I haven't had to take him to the vet. Needless to say, money is an issue at the moment. My fingers are crossed that things will get less 'exciting' soon. Hope everyone's doing well!
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