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Ziva is a great dog. Sweet, loyal, loving, snuggly. Bright, she is not. Or so we have assumed. She will do the same dumb things over and over and not seem to learn. If her crate door gets partially shut and shes outside of it, she accepts she will never get back in. Shes been with us over a year now, and the only commands she has learned are sit and out.
But maybe this is all just an act.
the dogs are pretty much never left in the kitchen and they have been taught thecword "out " and know to leave the kitchen and go to the living room.
near the door are two low tables,, small ones, and we have noticed that now when we say "out " Zoey goes out, and Ziva disappears.
We have started sort of halfway watching her now, and if she thinks nobody can see her, she runs to the door as if she is obeying, then flattens herself on the floor and does this quick little army crawl backwards until she is completely back against the wall and under the small table. She will wait there until she either gets busted or food gets dropped.
It really ticks Zoey off Bc the table is too low for her to get under.
its just plain funny yo watch.
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