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I have a 4mo old puppy. I just received her 3 weeks ago. I got her from a local animal shelter. Now for everyone to understand my issue i'll have to explain her past.

Before the humane society rescued her. Roxy lived on a "farm" with 70 other dogs. Now the lady the owned these 70 dogs neglected and abused these dogs. She would by one big bag of dog food and throw it in the middle of them and make them fight for it. She would only throw food out once a week. So in the mean time the biggest dogs of the pack would kill and eat the weaker ones.

So now I have my puppy and she is very very smart and has came along way in the couple weeks that I have owned her. She now plays and knows how to heel, sit, lay, and stay. I am training her to be a police dog. In about 6 months me and her leave for college and she starts her training for it.
My only two problems with her is one: She will not eat at the food bowl, she is so used to taking her food and hiding it. She is not food aggressive by any means I just can't convince her that it's ok to eat at the bowl.

My second problem: She is very afraid and aggressive toward other dogs and people. (the people part I don't mind seeing as she is going into the k9 unit career.) I tried every trick in the book with her. It also makes things hard with her because of her past I can train her like a normal puppy.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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