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IMy second problem: She is very afraid and aggressive toward other dogs and people. (the people part I don't mind seeing as she is going into the k9 unit career.) I tried every trick in the book with her. It also makes things hard with her because of her past I can train her like a normal puppy.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Forget the K9 training with this dog (for now). Bite work should NEVER be done out of fear aggression. Work on the Fear first.

As previously mentioned, get a behaviorist in.

I also recommend a book called "Scaredy Dog" you can get from www.dogwise.com.

K9 dogs need to be confident and trained to bite.. not bite out of fear aggression. Most K9 dogs live with the officer as a member of the family. A Fear Aggressive dog could bite their family members or another officer, member of the public etc. Fear Aggressive dogs are nothing short of a liability.
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