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A little bit about me, excited to be here!

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Hey everyone,
We are proud new owners of a 5 month Cavoodle (King Charles Cavalier X Toy Poodle) named Moxie. We absolutely love her and can't get enough. The first month was a bit hard for us getting her potty trained but after she completely ruined our bedroom carpet we were able to train her through positive reinforcement to only go outside. We live in an apartment building with a balcony so having her go potty when ever she chooses out on the balcony works well for us, as long as it's on the fake grass .

Anyways she's great, we both work from home so she gets 2 huge beach walks per day and really loves playing in the sand. That's just a little bit about me, really excited to have found this community. Looking forward to connecting!

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