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A Kind of Scary Experience Today

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I dropped Plume off at the groomer today, along with pretty specific instructions, as in "Do not shave," etc as far as the language barrier would allow.

And then rushed off on several other errands, one of which was to pick up her newly cleaned bed from the dry cleaner.

I returned two hours later, as per instructions. No sign of Plume near the door. No sign of her in one of their kennels. I made my way toward the room where the dogs are groomed. The door was a bit ajar. Plume was still on the table and the groomer was sweeping up, presumably after her.

Plume caught sight of me, jumped down from the grooming table (not a great idea), ran in my direction and then bolted for the door and for home, which is just across a pretty busy street.

She always does this when she is subjected to something she finds stressful. In the last two weeks, she's had two stressful events: first the vet and now the groomer. She always wants to head home after this sort of thing and I can't really blame her. I do too.

But there she was, heading for the street in a panicked mode with the door wide open. My breath caught in my throat for a moment. Plume does not have the greatest recall in the best of situations and this was not one of them. Shouting to the staff was not going to be effective as none of them speak English. And my rudimentary Chinese is not up to saying, "Close the door - quickly!"

"Plume!" I yelled in a voice that rose an octave and was probably sharpened by fear. That got her attention, thank God, and she did an immediate 180 degree turn, ran toward me and dove onto my lap. Her less feathery face was shoved beneath my neck and she was probably saying, "Why did you do this to me?" "Because it's too hot and you were too hot with all that fur and I thought it would make you feel better. Was I wrong?" was my response.

"And by the way, your newly cleaned bed is back and re-installed. And pssst, there is duck for dinner. Am I forgiven now??"

The signs are there that she has in fact, forgiven me.
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I assume you speak English? If yes, find a groomer that speaks english, I imagine Plume could be stressed going to this particular groomers. If she stresses easily, don't schedule a grooming the same week as the vet.
Duck heals many wounds. (for me, too. Duck is so nummy!) I'm glad plume is okay.

I hate that you can't tell dogs why you do these things to them. I felt horribly guilty every time I put ear drops in kabota's ears and he would squeal. It made his ears better, but he doesn't understand.
I am sooo glad Plume was ok! ... And that she came when called! I was almost afraid to read this thread. I had a very bad dream last night that someone's dog was hit by a car and was left there to suffer ... the dog was white and small ... and the dog's owners name was Kim. :/

My nightmare was probably because of that darned video I watched yesterday where the cops shot that poor dog! Uuuugh!!! :(
Thanks, A & A. I'm glad she's okay too.

I sometimes think that on some level, dogs do get that we do these sorts of momentarily unpleasant things for their greater good - once they have recovered from the indignity of it all. I think my dog does understand in some subliminal way that I am here to look our for her and to keep her safe, healthy and comfortable - in the long run.

Abby, I'm glad that your bad dream was nothing more than that; just a dream and not something that actually happened to anyone you know.
I imagine Plume could be stressed going to this particular groomers. If she stresses easily, don't schedule a grooming the same week as the vet.

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