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A Husky & Warm Weather?

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Hi everyone...

Well warmer weather is setting in now and My Husky is panting alot --- I'm wondering what is going to happen in July & August when it really gets hot!

I adopted him in September -- so I haven't had him in the summer months -- any hints for a Husky owner and the summer months? I don't want him to stay in A/C all day.:cool:
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Make sure he has a shady place to rest at all times, and that he is very well hydrated. That's the most important thing.

Other than that, you can take him swimming; get a baby pool and fill it for him to splash around him; give him ice cubes to chew on and eat; or just hose him down a couple of times a day. That's what a lot of Husky owners in Singapore do.
I've heard of some people shaving their huskies during the summer and others who simply keep the dog inside in the summer. Kind of counter intuitive to people who keep their dogs outside in the summer and inside in the winter, but it does work for that breed.
Poca loves everything Rosemary suggested, esp. the baby pool. She also likes watermelon when it's hot. And laying on a cool tiled floor. Basements are good, too. If you can bear the dirt, letting her dig a hole and lie in it is also cooling. We also avoid taking her out in the heat of the day. Her walks are early morning and early evening. The rest of the time she just wants to lay around and do nothing. We're happy to oblige when it gets above 80 degrees! :)
Their top coat will help keep them cool and keep them from getting burned, just keep plenty of cool water in a shady place.
The husky double coat makes the dog able to handle temperatures up to 90F or waaay lower than 32F.

Just provide him with alot of cool water, ice cubes, shade, maybe an igloo dog house if he needs to stay outside some time.

But DON'T shave him, if you take away the coat that makes them handle heat and cold, he could have a heat stroke.
I remember some time ago... i heard from a guy (in other forums) who shaved his Husky and the husky nearly died in a hot day.

Remember signs such as a dark reed tounge and excessive panting, these often mean something bad is about to happen, if you happen to run across these (lets hope you don't) give him a large soak with cold water and take him in.
I agree, please do not shave your Husky to keep him cool. Big no-no there.
Never ever shave a husky as multiple people have stated before me. I keep my husky inside during the heat of the day and we get in our exercise/walks early in the morning before the sun comes up and in the evening after the sun goes down. In the early afternoon I'll take him outside in the shady part of the yard and let him run around for a bit (usually about 10-15 minutes before he gets too hot) then we go back inside. Just always make sure he's got plenty of water and cover from the sun if he needs it, but I'm just reiterating the advice already stated. ;)
Thanks everyone --- I'm going to buy him a pool!:)
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