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I am new to this forum. A few years ago I was heavily involved in dog rescue. I got my first dog from a rescue, who I love dearly, and then I accepted the other two because I felt so sorry for them.

The problem dog I am writing about is a shih tzu, named Chester. I love my other two dogs, but it is very hard to love Chester, because he makes life hard for me. I feel sorry for him, and have spent thousands of dollars on his health care. He was found in a park 5 years ago, abandoned, and kids were throwing rocks at him. He was matted and covered with feces and had a terrible eye infection. I nursed him back to health and it took a year for his eye to heal. He has glaucoma in the other eye. He was aggressive, he sometimes would turn feral and aggressive if I touched his bed. I wanted to have him adopted, that was the plan, but with all his health issues no agency wanted to much with him. His age is undetermined. The doctors said he was about 11 but that was 5 years ago. Gradually he came to be a pretty nice dog, but without a whole lot of personality. He just sleeps, eats, and pees.

He never really "got" housetraining-but he would sometimes bark when he needed to go out, most of the time at the other house. I constantly took him out, and praised him when he peed outside. He ruined the floors in my last house, which cost me a lot of $ when I sold it. I moved to a new house a year ago. I allowed him upstairs for the first year of living in this house but he ruined 2 rugs and urinated all over brand new wood floors. I put in a special tile floor in the family room because I knew he would have accidents but I didn't think it would be this much. He pees and poops all over the floors. I can't stand it. The other two dogs are perfectly trained. I trained them. He hates the crate-barks and goes into a complete panic in the crate. I keep him in the basement now-he defecates and pees down there all the time-and I know I have disrupted what ever habit he had of holding it until he could be let out, but even when I took him out, he would come right back in and pee. I am thinking of getting a puppy play pen with a vinyl table cloth on the floor, and keeping him in there, so he can be upstairs and not isolated in the basement, but I know he will bark. He doesn't like to be confined-even in a room. He just barks non stop. He barks non stop in the basement at night-he has plenty of water, food, warm bedding-he just doesn't want to be alone. Then when I bring him up into the family room, he urinates all over the floor.

I took this dog in because I felt so bad for him and he was scheduled to be put down. I really didn't seek out to have him-I am at my wits end with him.

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