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A happy ending

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My brother-in-law cut of the top parts of three fingers on his right hand a year ago. Every since he has been acting depressed and finds himself useless. Well one day while he was sitting outside on my porch I noticed a black and tan dog come up to him and stayed by his side refusing to leave. I asked him about the dog and he said it comes to him regularly. Well I caught the dog who is extremley friendly and loving, I called her Honey. On his birthday I asked my brother-in-law if he was looking for a dog to add to his family and he said yes. Then I went and got Honey and he began crying already knowing my plan I guess. So I asked him if he would give Honey a loving home forever. With tears in his eyes he said yes and wrapped his arms around her. A moment later he asked me what her name was and I replied " I've been calling her Honey but you can give her a name of your own choosing. I won't be offended if you do.," My brother-in-law looked from the dog to me and said " Hope. I will call her Hope. We've both been through the wars and should stick together.

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Wonderful to hear that your plan worked for both the brother-in-law and Hope / Honey. Tears in my eyes too, but such a lovely story.
How beautiful! I am of the belief that we get the dog we need, and that rescues rescue us.
Great story! I was going to make a wise-crack when I saw the title of the thread, but after reading your story I can't. I am very happy for your brother-in-law and for Hope!
Well today he and Hope went fishing together which brought tears to my eyes. My brother-in-law used to kove fishing but hasn't touvhed his poles since the accident. Tonight we had three trout cooking on the grill.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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