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A Good Way to Get Bitten!!

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Yes, just get down on the floor with a dog you don't know and shove your face right into his! Act all shocked when he lets you have a good nip, drawing blood. This from a person who thinks they know alot about dogs and preaches to others about how they should train their dogs. Hmmm, person needs to stop listening to a certain Canadian TV trainer and study a bit more on real dog behaviour. I don't condone a dog biting, but then this person also knew that the dog can be tempermental.

Heck I don't even hug my own dog and while I can get my face in her face, I sure as heck wouldn't let anyone she doesn't know do it. I don't let small children pet her as she's not great with kids. I'm not even too fussy on letting strange adults pet her. She gets lots of affection but if I want to hug something furry I grab a cat, and even they aren't too keen if they're not in a snuggly mood!
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Okay... Did someone get bitten by your dog?

I didn't know there was a Canadian TV trainer...

I do get into my dog's faces and hug them and stand over them and put my hands in their food bowls and their mouths, but they are conditioned to it and have been since puppyhood. But I wouldn't advise anyone else do it with my dogs or with dogs who aren't conditioned to it. Don'cha see those big teeth in there? :D
nope not by my dog, this was a dog this person didn't know but decided to get all lovey kissy with it. I kind of hug Bayley and I can stick my hands in her mouth and all that stuff.
Oh yeah, I hug my dogs all the time and practice annoying them a little each day. Not to be mean either, I just want them to be as close to kid safe as they can be. I do not have children and when they do run into children I need them to be safe.

You are right, this does not sound like good common sense from an adult. Regardless of what some TV personality does, an adult should know, this is not a good idea. Hopefully all the annoying things I do to my dogs daily will help prepare them for such an occurrence by some strange adult they may encounter. Fools are born every day, as they say. :)
Like Inga, my dogs/puppies get a lot of "face time" and hugging from a very early age so that they are desensitized to it.

I have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep the general public from getting in your dog's face. Hugging, and laying the cheek on the head to indicate love and friendliness is a genetic instinctive primate behavior. KIDS CANNOT HELP IT. I have watched them over and over again. I always give a gentle lesson about why this is not a good idea with dogs you are not VERY FAMILIAR with.

Dogs view this as a sign of extreme familiarity and dominance, and yes, you are right, some dogs will retaliate.

Some people cannot be "rehabilitated" ;):rolleyes::eek::cool: in this area.
Some kid made the mistake of getting all in Zero's face once. He viciously licked them. The kid thought it was cool, but the kids parents were horrified. I get in Brutus' face sometimes, but he responds by looking the other way.
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