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A Future Shiba Inu Puppy Owner: Am I Ready?

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Hello, lovely individuals!

I am embarking on an exciting adventure and looking into getting my first very own fur baby! I have made this decision in order to have a loving companion, as well as learn the awesome responsibility of caring for my very own being. I have been around dogs my entire life and have dog sat for just about every kind of dog at every kind of age, so I figured it was high-time for me to have one of my own.

With this being said, I am getting a lot of anxiety since this is a HUGE life change... I have been doing a heck of a lot of research: dogs good for apartment living, different breeds with the pros and cons of each, different training styles, you name it. After TONS of online reading and advice-asking from friends and family, I have decided to go for the Shiba Inu breed! I am well aware of the training challenges and unique personality of the Shibas, however countless people have raised wonderful Shibas with life situations similar to mine, so I know it can be done.

I do have a few concerns though which I am planning out to try and mitigate the risk of not raising this puppy right, which I would love some opinions on. I am a single guy working full-time Monday - Friday from 7 to 4. Work is the biggest challenge here, so here is what I have currently come up with:

I have already cleared it with work to have the first 2 weeks of work set up to work from home once I pick up my pup. This way I can begin the process of getting my new pup accustomed to me, the new living environment, other people, as well as begin to introduce the pup to being alone for extended periods of time. After the 2 weeks is up and I need to start going back into the office, I plan to have a sitter come twice a day at 9 AM and 2 PM (I will be going home to the dog during my hour and a half lunch break) to let her out, give her some attention, etc. until the pup reaches 4 months old and will be able to be left until I get home for lunch and from work.

The living set-up I am planning for the pup is to have a crate within a play pen area with puppy pads and as many chew toys as she desires. When I leave the house I will leave the TV on and muted for some visual stimulation, as well as have some canine-appropriate music playing on a speaker to help minimize the alone feeling.

Weekends will be spent exclusively with the pup (while having breaks here and there so she does not develop separation anxiety from too much attention) with short training sessions, socialization with people on walks, and the dog park once she has gotten her final round of shots.

Honestly I have no idea if I am doing this whole preparation thing right, however I am several months out so I have plenty of time to adjust my plan in the event this ends up not being adequate. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on my current plan of action? Any and all advice is appreciated; I want to make sure I do this thing right! :)
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It sounds like you have a good plan! A few suggestions though:

I don't think its necessary to have the dog sitter come twice a day. Of course, that's completely up to you how often you want the sitter to come, but most 10 week old puppies (since you will be home with the pup for 2 weeks before the sitter comes) can hold it for at least 3-4 hours when crated. You coming home for lunch will probably be enough by the time you have to return to the office.

If you plan on coming home to let the pup out for potty breaks, the playpen attached to the crate isn't necessary. People typically do that when they can't get home to give the pup a break, and they don't want the pup peeing in their crate. Again, up to you, but it will help speed up potty training.

I would not bring my puppy to dog parks. Puppies are small and easily injured. Teenage puppies are rude and obnoxious and can cause fights. Dog parks simply aren't a good place for puppy socialization. Instead, go for playdates with known dogs. Much safer.
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extremely extremely glad your taking this leap to care for a pup! and its a sbiba inu! cutsie lil fellas they are! haha. caring for a pup is not the eaiest of tasks as you mentioned, a lot of life changes and unexpected things nay pop up anytime. its equivilant to caring for a child! haahah.

will do some research and see how i can help!
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