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A friend made an interesting comment today and now Im curious...

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List what breed your dog is and whether or not you are male or female....

something of a little experiment. Thanks guys!
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I am female and I have....

4 papillons and 1 sheltie right now.

Just current dogs or do past dogs count too?

(If past dogs count I'm at 1 GSD mix, 1 labrador, 3 shelties, and 6 papillons)
Female and I have a golden retriever.

We also have a boston terrier mix, but my SO picked him out, so I'm not sure if that counts.
Female with three Standard Poodles. My husband is male and, coincidentally enough, also has three Standard Poodles. :D
Male with Golden Retriever (also male).
female with a male lab/collie mix and a female black lab
Female, two boxers
Female and I have two shelties, a bc and a mini aussie....they are my husbands dogs too...
female and I have a springer spaniel/border collie mix.
I am female. Both of my dogs are male. One is a Lab/Shar Pei mix, the other is a Lab/something-very-big mix. Hound? Dane?
Female American Pit Bull Terrier
I am female.
I have a lab mix and a pitbull/boxer mix.
I'm not detecting any identifiable pattern yet.
Female 2 dobes 1 chihuahua - The Chihuahua was my husbands dog before we met not a dog I would have gotten
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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