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A foreign label ;)

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My bff is in Malawi, Africa, as a Peace Corps Volunteer and adopted a village dog that she is going to bring home (look up the Nat Geo article about village dogs). Anyway, she has a new blog for her dog and recently posted about food. The dog gets some fresh food too but processed food is also on the menu. These are two labels she shared, which are sure to shock anyone who knows the basics of reading a pet food label due to how vague they are.

Product #1 ingredients:
Maize, meat and bone meal (20% min), sunflower 7%, fish meal 3% and minerals.

Product #2 ingredients:
Cereals, meat & animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, fats and oils, vitamins & minerals, flavourants and approved antioxidants

Thought you guys would get a kick out of that :wink:
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OMG wow, that's so like.. vague! I mean, I know what maize is, but what's meat & animal derivatives? Fats and oils? Heh, that would drive me bonkers.

BTW, that blog is great!
Haha, "derivatives of vegetable origin"! I think I'm glad Americans are so lawsuit-happy. At least it gets our food labeled with specific ingredients so nobody can sue them for an allergy attack.
Good gosh o_O
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