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A firm pat to reinforce behavior?

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I was just curious about something. I am a believer in not abusing animals. When I see an animal that has been abused I really want to abuse the owner. That being said, I've never seen anything wrong with/abusive about a small tap along with a tone to deter from chewing on something or climbing on furniture. In packs the alpha will nip at a pup who gets out of line. This would be the equivalent. Something that does not bring out fear, but respect. I do realize that much can be taught through positive reinforcement. This drives most of my training. For instance, I would not "pat" a pup for using the bathroom in the house. I'm more at fault for not keeping up with when and how much she eats than she is. So any thoughts?
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Cpt Jack - I agree with what you're saying, except the interchanging of OFF & DOWN? I'm not sure if you meant you use Off or what?
I use the word "Off" while luring the dog off the sofa. (Down is saved for laying down).
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