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a few more iorek pictures...

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here a few pictures of iorek that we took out on a walk last weekend. they all pretty much look the same... heehee!

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this is iorek, trying very hard to be friends with my siamese, little miss crooked! heehee! her name is actually blue

here is a picture of iorek and frodo "helping" me make ferret hammocks for my local rescue

and one more because it is cute!! :D

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Awww, Iorek is just soooo cute! As I told you, i'll never get tired of seeing pics of him and i was really looking out for some. How I wish i could just hug your little polar bear!
Thanks so much for sharing. Those pics are just awesome.:D
thank you very much!! :D
Thank you so much for posting! He's just gorgeous...I just want to take his face and squish it (though I doubt he would care for that very much).

He's such a beautiful dog. You must be so proud to have him. I can't wait until I get a samm of my own. It will be a long time, so I must live vicariously through you.

I have chosen a kennel, though...and I'm glad to say that here an a year or so when the next breeding is done, I'm going to get a samm baby from them. I certainly hope he's as beautiful as Iorek.

He's got such a very nice head, and his front looks very straight.

PS- that sammy smile is to die for!!!!!!
He really is beautiful! His stance in the first photo on the second post is gorgeous!
We have 2 samoyeds that come in for grooming & they seem quite a bit rounder than Iorek, not nearly as well proportioned as him.
thank you guys!! we really do love him. he really adds so much to our lives <3
Just a happy, friendly looking boy. Love the sammy smile. When are you getting your second dog? :p
haha!! as soon as i can!! unfortunately that won't be for at least a year :(
What I love about Iorek is how he looks so happy in every picture! :) it always looks like he's smiling and so easy going.
Iorek is the best looking Sammy ive ever seen:cool:,all the ones ive seen have been lardy.
thanks guys! :D

iorek is too thin imo, but i don't want him chubby!! i can't really feel his ribs really well through all that fur, but i can feel his spine and his hip bones. i don't really like that. the vet says that he is a good weight, but that he could be up a little. he is 50 lbs. i think that the problem is that he goes non-stop all day!

sammy smiles are the best!! iorek always looks happy :) i hope that he is happy on the inside to go with the outside...this morning we got some sad puppy doggy eyes when daddy went to work and didn't take iorek to daycare. iorek stays with me when i don't work and we go for a walk together. he just seems to forget about that walk when daddy is leaving :)
So beautiful! I love sammy's...
thank you :)
You're welcome. At one point I was even considering a Sammy. Then I saw the Bernese... The Sammy is still on my list though!
my husband really wants a bmd because he really loves the look of them. we are not in the position to get another dog yet, but once we are ready we will look into their personalities and stuff like that. right now i am thinking either newf, st. bernard, or bmd. more research is needed...
I'm sure that luvmyRottie will agree, that Berners are great dogs!
:D i can't wait to start the research!!
I know the feeling!
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