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A Drop of Diesel

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I lack a camera, so I don't get to post pictures very often.
Trust me, the second I become a proud "photographer" again, that'll change. big time.

Till then! Here's a few little webcam pics of Diesel. I feel like the world can never have enough fluffy.

Watching my rats with intent in his eye.
Tyme fer squishin'
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He is very very handsome! :)
He is very cuddly. He's the sort of dog that if you don't squish him, he'll come squish you, and that's a llloooootta squishin'.
He thinks himself to be no more than 5 pounds, surely small enough to fit right in your lap, right? even small enough to be picked up and held like a baby, right? Sure! no problem! Only dog I've ever had that likes to be picked up and held on his back and will so to great lengths to make it happen. I'm not sure if that's good or bad xD
Awwwe ... That is so cute!

You know ... Eddee is the very first dog I have ever owned in my entire life who actually gets on my lap and lays his head on my chest and shoulder to initiate "cuddles" .... I am super pleased with that! Leeo would want a neck rub but not cuddle so much ... more the kissy thing. But neither of them are any where near being the size of Diesel! lol! :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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