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A Day at the Park! (Pic Heavy)

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We took the dogs in groups of 2 to the park the other day and did they ever have a great time. Gibson & Pearl went together (boxer & boston mix) and Fibi & Lola went together (shih tzu & chihuahua mix).

We are working with 50 foot training leashes which are great!

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those dogs are having some serious fun arent they.Great pics, I wish I could take pics like that.
I never thought about getting a 50ft leash.Our Border collie is going deaf and we are getting afraid to let him off leash, he is so used to having freedom and I dont want to take that away.Im going to have to get me one of those.
I will look around next time we go to the city.Thanks, our BC is super smart and as long as he see's us he understands hand signals but there is thick bushes along one side of our field and if he goes in there he cant see us to know its time to go.I bet just stepping on the rope would get his attention enough to look around at us.Thanks
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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