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A Day at the Park! (Pic Heavy)

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We took the dogs in groups of 2 to the park the other day and did they ever have a great time. Gibson & Pearl went together (boxer & boston mix) and Fibi & Lola went together (shih tzu & chihuahua mix).

We are working with 50 foot training leashes which are great!

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Im loving these 50 ft leashes we picked up...our dogs are not able to obviously be off leash because we are worried about them running off after a bird or something. But with these leashes they stay within 50-65ish feet of us and get to run around and have so much more freedom!

The area that we took them is 90% fenced in as well and is just a great open space for them to run around in.

I plan on taking them again tonight and bring a ball & frisbi and take some more pics.

I need to pick up 1 more leash and I will have enough to bring them all together which should be a blast!

I got the leashes at PetSmart for I think $15.99 Canadian.
PetValue had some 30ft leashes that had heavier metal clips but they were $19.99 but we need the extra 20ft right now for training. They are the best things ever lol! They are super light weight for the smaller dogs and they have a metal clip to hook onto the collars and a handle. I was just going to buy rope but it was more expensive and didnt have a clip or handle.

They really are helping with training our dogs. If they get to far we just step on the rope and give a verbal command. We are noticing now just after several trips to the park with the leashes that 2 of the dogs are responding to the verbal commands and do not require the step on the leash correction. For your dog that is going deaf just a quick step on the lead would probably be enough of a reminder that he has gone too far.

I am hoping to get out for a run tonight if the weather permits...its been raining here for days!

1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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