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Dexter, Finn and their old grumpy Maltese friend Molly all went to the beach today. Dexter seemed to grow fins and would not get out of the water, Finn was not impressed and Molly was downright pissed off that we made her get in the water. lol
Dexter spent about 4 hours off leash and even played with the frisbee! Finn spent an hour off leash and then didn't want to leave the shade of the umbrellas, so we let him just hang out there most of the time.

Not a happy camper

Maltese stink eye

Finn was content to guard our beach equipment

And Dexter had to come check on his buddy

Part fish today

Taking a break

And the absolutely best part, 2 very exhausted Aussies

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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