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A Bad Morning

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It seems the stupid ibuprofen incident just won't die. I took Max in yesterday for a blood panel check-up and urinalysis just make sure everything was in working order. I had assumed that it would just affirm that he was 100% A-OK.

Well the vet said his blood panel was fine but that his urine isn't concentrating. I have to take in a first-morning urine sample tomorrow to see if that will be more concentrated. He's been drinking a lot more water lately which apparently is not a great sign about his kidney function. I guess they're hoping he'll continue to improve but that he's def. sustained some sort of permanent injury to his kidneys. I don't know yet what exactly that means except that he'll need to have his blood panel checked and blood pressure yearly now and that any time he is prescribed a medicine it will have to be checked first for how it might affect his kidneys. They were also saying that at some point he might have to be put on a special diet. I'm not yet sure if this is one of those things that will shorten his life or what. I'm so drained from all this. I'm not sure yet how big of a deal this is supposed to be but I'm just scared and unhappy about it.

I just keep thinking two weeks ago he was a perfectly normal, healthy young dog and now he's got this black mark against his health, that everything is not just fine and normal. I keep looking for someone or something to blame and I feel mad at myself but also, and I know this is wrong, I hate my aunt a little bit at the moment. I think I'll get over it. I just wish this had never happened.
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I just want to offer you and Max my utmost support, prayers, and hugs.

Having tiny dogs, I worry about something like this happening. I don't have any margin for error.

I remember having my husband's sister and her kids over for a few days. When they left I was cleaning up the room and just happened to look under the bed. There were about 10 pills from ibuprofen to allergy meds (she's a nurse and BIG into medications). I was so pissed because I had told them how careful they had to be about the little dogs. Thankfully I'm such a maniac I checked the room right away because my little girl will put anything in her mouth.

Anyway, I know how you just how you feel. I will say more prayers that Max will come out of this ok. (((hugs)))
I am so sorry this happened. ((hugs))
I'm so sorry.... I hope and pray Max makes a full recovery in spite of what your vet thinks. So sorry you and he are going through this!
I am so very sorry to hear what you're going through. I lost the best GSD I ever owned nearly 10yrs ago after he swallowed an 800mg Ibuprofin tablet. I truly hope your story has a happier ending.

and the pound puppy crew.
I'm hoping things will improve and that I'm just being a pessimist. In the meantime I am looking into supplements that might promote kidney health. I just read somewhere that fish oil and vitamin E are good for dogs with kidney issues. I'm going to ask my vet about it tomorrow and see if there are other supplements she recommends. I am also going to change him from the high-protein wellness core to a food that has a little less protein (unless she says we have to go a prescription food which is whole 'nother kettle of fish). I am thinking Innova Red Meat Small bites might be a good choice. The red meats are higher in fat which is good and it's at least 10% lower in protein than the Core. So I'm just going to keep looking into good preventative measures that will hopefully keep things from getting worse. Any suggestions anyone has would be appreciated so I can discuss them with my vet tomorrow.
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It sounds like you've been doing a lot of research, which is a very selfless thing to do when you're so tired from the worry. If I were you, I'd be hating my aunt too, at least a little bit. This is all so sad and could have been avoided. I hope that he doesn't have any permanent damage, and if he does that it doesn't shorten his life.
You and Max are in my thoughts and I hope things start to look up from here on. :(

I don't blame you for being upset with your aunt. You trusted her with the well being of your dog and this happened and it could have been so easily prevented. I'm sure your aunt feels horrible about it and never meant for it to happen but that doesn't mean that you don't have a right to be angry, upset and worried about it. I'd be feeling a little bit of dislike right now too if I were you.
I've put my own on missinglink supplement. I mentioned this to my vet and he thought it was a great idea. it is supposed to aid quicker recovery after surgery or injury, better digestion and promote overall health and well being. Although it doesn't mention anything for kidneys It may be beneficial to add this to Max's diet. The Ingredients seem really great..

Canine Formula Ingredients:
Flaxseed, rice bran, primary dried yeast, blackstrap molasses, sunflower seed, freeze dried beef liver, dehydrated alfalfa, dried carrot, shark cartilage powder, freeze dried fish protein powder, barley grass leaves powder, dried kelp, freeze dried oyster powder, zinc monomethionine, lecithin, chromium yeast, selenium yeast, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, garlic powder, yucca schidigera extract, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, folic acid and cobalamin

You have been doing great research! Innova red meat sounds like a great idea.

I am sorry you have to go through this. Kintaro is my best friend too, I know how you feel and I was really upset at my boyfriends parents for raising such a jealous dog, it sounds silly but i keep thinking they could've prevented this if they took him to get trained or something.... People need to be told to make a complete investment and commitment when having a pet. I also blame myself. The best thing we can do is just show how much we love our little ones. I'm really upset to hear your story and I wish you the best. I know how much it hurts but please be strong.

My thoughts go out to you two.
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