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9 Years and Counting

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Hey all,

I figured it was high time for some new Dakota pictures. She just turned 9 in May (Oh, say it ain't so!) and since it's been nice out lately I decided it was perfect for a little photo shoot. Not a lot of new variety in the pictures but some of them came out really nicely. She's also packing a little bit of extra weight these days, but we're working on that lol. Hope you enjoy!

Oh also, for anyone unfamiliar with Dakota, she is a Rat Terrier

Checking to make sure everything is safe before we go downstairs

Happy little walker. The picture got pretty over exposed, but I loved her expression.

Play time! I really like how this picture came out

Enjoying the cool feel of wet grass on her belly

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After we came back inside I took her out on the deck for some more formal portrait attempts.

My favorite shot. This picture basically says 'Dakota'.

Waving on command

Okay, treat now!

And a nice close up of her face. I love those big brown eyes

That's all for now. Thanks for looking!
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Dakota she is BEAUTIFUL! It is about time we got to see some new pictures of her. I mean, you are always posting rescue dogs. I suspect her little nose was a little out of joint over that. ;) I love the picture of her on the chair. You should really matte and frame that. Cut the little edge off and it looks like a perfect back drop. I also love the close up of her lovely little face. She is so cute! :)
I would razz you a bit about her "extra pounds" but I am carrying a few of those myself so I will remain quiet. LOL
Beautiful portraits. :)
Lol, thanks Inga! Yeah I figured I'd better get on the ball or else end up with some angry 'Dear Boss' letter regarding how much time I spend with other dogs while neglecting the poor little one I've got at home :p. I was actually thinking that one needed to be framed as well. I've been looking for a good picture of her to kind of 'professionalize' for display and that might be it.

Ahah yeah, I blame the fall/winter. It was rainy and cold and we just couldn't exercise to the normal extent ;). Now it's sunny agian though so I have no excuse lol

Beautiful portraits. :)
Thanks Melissa :)
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