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My wife and I have a spayed 9 yr JRT named Sammy. We got Sammy when he was a puppy and love him like he was one of our children. Sammy has always been very sweet and warm with our family. However, he gets crazy when any friends or neighbors come visit. For many years we have tried to help him with his fear of strangers (dog trainers and anti-anxiety medications) without much success. We now end up putting him in another room whenever people come over so that he is not scared.
We never had any issues whenever we put him away. A couple of days ago a neighbor came by and knocked on the door. Sammy jumped of the couch and ran to the door barking loudly. My wife picked him up and took him to another room. She placed him on the floor and proceeded to close the door. As she was closing the door Sammy charged towards the door. My wife place her arm in front of him in order to stop him. It was then that he bit her arm. The bite actually broke the skin. My wife is completely shocked and is very concerned for our two young childer, a 4yr old and an 11 month old. She is now considering having to get rid of him, which actually breaks my heart.
I am planning to take Sammy to a dog behaviorist. However, our vet believes that he will probably get more and more aggressive as he gets older and that he will eventually bite again.
I am extremely sad and can not imagine having to get rid of my best friend.
I am looking to hear from any other dog owners that have had similar experiences. Any input is much appreciated.
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