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Hoping I can get some advice here. 9 year old, 65lb dog (lab/cattle/everything under the sun mix) that I've had for past 5 years has started getting increasingly more aggressive at the door.

For some background, he always has barked if there is a knock or doorbell, but the second the person is let in the house he is friendly and calms down. Back in April, we went to stay with my parents and their 3 small dogs during COVID. The transition has been great and my dog loves being able to run off leash on their trails and enjoy a more spoiled life. However, they have giant windows lining their front door. Their dogs can be yippy when people arrive, but not aggressive in the slightest. My dog, however, has really taken their lead with the barking and is now getting aggressive.

His bark is no longer a harmless alarm bark, it's MEAN with snarling and jumping at times. He has started charging at people and getting pretty manic about it. Someone surprised us by walking in the back door yesterday and he actually bit him (no skin torn). I'm absolutely floored and don't know how to handle this!

I've started taking time through out the day to practice his sit and, more importantly, stay. And I plan to have treats at the door to give him when people come in. But I don't know what to do in the interim. It's hard to "practice" because when the doorbell rings he loses his shit and there is no trying to get him to come sit and stay yet, and we live in the woods so no car traffic or pedestrians on the sidewalk. I have been taking him outside or in the room when people arrive, but that honestly seems to just rile him up more and he is waiting to charge out the whole time. Until yesterday, he would usually charge out barking but upon approaching the guest he gets more submissive and then is friendly. That's... ok I guess? But nobody wants a 65lb dog running at them!

Any help or advice is welcome, he has been such a sweet and well behaved dog the past 4 years I am just so caught off guard.
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