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9 weeks old maltipoo doesn’t eat at all

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Hello all,

exactly a week ago we got our maltipoo puppy.He ate first 2 meals happily after arriving, gerber baby food chicken with Karo syrup. He arrived on Wednesday late night and from Thursday afternoon he stopped eating on his own. Since then I amfeeding himgerber food with syringe every 3 hours. I tried royal nibbles, Cesar food, boiled eggs, 2 different types of treats but he is not interested in eating anything on his own. He had his 5 days preventative care medicines ... so having tummy bug or other digestion issues have very slim possibility. Family loves him a lot and spendsgood time with him when he is awake. Not sure every after a week new family anxiety is affecting his desire to eat. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am a mom of 2, work full time and feeding puppy every 3 hours is extremely exhausting.
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I agree, a puppy - especially a small breed puppy! - not eating is an emergency, and if he hasn't seen a vet he needs to go ASAP. Just like human infants, baby puppies can get dehydrated super fast if they're not drinking enough, or have a stomach issue that causes loose stool. Additionally toy breed puppies can become hypoglycemic very quickly - which again, dangerous and makes them feel very ill - if they aren't eating. I've heard of a sugar syrup being used during one of these episodes, but never as part of their daily diet. That much sugar can't be good for a puppy.

Do you know what the breeder was feeding him, or can you find out? If the breeder was the one who suggested baby food and Karo syrup then switch to a quality puppy food (wet or kibble soaked in warm water) and stick with just that. Offering a bunch of different food and treats right now will probably only upset his system (and his tummy) more. But vet first. You need to know if he's dehydrated or otherwise ill with this behavior.
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Okay, that's a less serious emergency than him not eating at all, but I'd still call the vet and explain what you've written here. Phone calls are free, and they'll be able to tell you whether he needs to come in sooner or can wait until Friday safely.
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