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9 weeks old maltipoo doesn’t eat at all

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Hello all,

exactly a week ago we got our maltipoo puppy.He ate first 2 meals happily after arriving, gerber baby food chicken with Karo syrup. He arrived on Wednesday late night and from Thursday afternoon he stopped eating on his own. Since then I amfeeding himgerber food with syringe every 3 hours. I tried royal nibbles, Cesar food, boiled eggs, 2 different types of treats but he is not interested in eating anything on his own. He had his 5 days preventative care medicines ... so having tummy bug or other digestion issues have very slim possibility. Family loves him a lot and spendsgood time with him when he is awake. Not sure every after a week new family anxiety is affecting his desire to eat. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am a mom of 2, work full time and feeding puppy every 3 hours is extremely exhausting.
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Has he been to the vet? If not, you need to take him in. Puppies, especially toy breed puppies, can get hypoglycemic and/or dehydrated in a hurry.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "five days preventive care medicine". Do you mean a dewormer like Panacur? Or something else?

Human baby food and corn syrup is not a balanced diet, and in fact can lead to some serious malnutrition issues. A good quality, age appropriate dog food, either kibble of wet, is a much better option. Kibble can be soaked in warm water to soften it if he has trouble crunching it.

While it's usually a good idea to keep a puppy on whatever the breeder was feeding, if they were only feeding human baby food and corn syrup, I would seriously question their knowneldge of puppy raising.
Yes, he is on 5 days preventative dewormer med- metronidazole and panacur- today is the 5th day. Breeder we’re giving him royal nibbles, but with transition he stopped eating and he refuses any food. So baby food with karo syrup is easy to feed through syringe. I have his vet appointment scheduled for Friday. Hope my baby is doing okay.
He weighs 3 lbs, he eats 6 oz (3 jars) of gerber baby chicken gravy food with karo syrup throughout the day. And he eats royal nibbles here in there few pieces ... total around 1-2 table spoon a day.
My puppy reached to us around midnight last Wednesday. Breeder said he was on nibbles at their place but long journey (Ohio to San Francisco) May stress him so give him baby food with karo, every 3 hours and then slowly get him back on nibbles. So after arrival first 2-3 feeding of baby food he ate happily on his own but after that he started refusing everything and since last Thursday evening every 3 hours I am force feeding baby food with few nibbles here n there.
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