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9 weeks old maltipoo doesn’t eat at all

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Hello all,

exactly a week ago we got our maltipoo puppy.He ate first 2 meals happily after arriving, gerber baby food chicken with Karo syrup. He arrived on Wednesday late night and from Thursday afternoon he stopped eating on his own. Since then I amfeeding himgerber food with syringe every 3 hours. I tried royal nibbles, Cesar food, boiled eggs, 2 different types of treats but he is not interested in eating anything on his own. He had his 5 days preventative care medicines ... so having tummy bug or other digestion issues have very slim possibility. Family loves him a lot and spendsgood time with him when he is awake. Not sure every after a week new family anxiety is affecting his desire to eat. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am a mom of 2, work full time and feeding puppy every 3 hours is extremely exhausting.
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First, I agree on a vet check.

I'm confused on the timeline of food changes. You said he ate his first two meals with you of baby food OK but then you say with the transition he refused food so that is why you fed baby food?

When he got to your house, what food did you offer him?

How long did he refuse food? (hours?)

While the chicken baby food has no dangerous ingredients, it is not balanced either and the amount of Karo syrup could be dangerous if its swinging blood sugar levals wildly high.

Get a good quality canned dog food, a nice mushy soupy kind, and feed that while you're getting the dog into a vet visit.

If the dog refuses all food, tell the vet and hopefully they can rush your appt to sooner
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Ok, so I am NOT a vet so still get vet check!! (for any new puppy this is important but when there is a health concern it is more important)

that said, it sounds like you may have accidentally created the problem. baby food and sugar is junk food but its tasty junk food so he ate it happily to start with just like a kid given candies and chips. Its also probably sending his blood sugar through the roof which can mess with appetite and digestion.

A good canned food or a soupy mix of a dehydrated food like The Honest Kitchen or Grandma Lucys brands could be fed like the baby food and would ease him back into a balanced diet (balanced in term of protein, fat and carbs and also balanced in terms of micronutrients like calcium and phosphorus)
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