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9 weeks old maltipoo doesn’t eat at all

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Hello all,

exactly a week ago we got our maltipoo puppy.He ate first 2 meals happily after arriving, gerber baby food chicken with Karo syrup. He arrived on Wednesday late night and from Thursday afternoon he stopped eating on his own. Since then I amfeeding himgerber food with syringe every 3 hours. I tried royal nibbles, Cesar food, boiled eggs, 2 different types of treats but he is not interested in eating anything on his own. He had his 5 days preventative care medicines ... so having tummy bug or other digestion issues have very slim possibility. Family loves him a lot and spendsgood time with him when he is awake. Not sure every after a week new family anxiety is affecting his desire to eat. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am a mom of 2, work full time and feeding puppy every 3 hours is extremely exhausting.
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Has he been to the vet? If not, you need to take him in. Puppies, especially toy breed puppies, can get hypoglycemic and/or dehydrated in a hurry.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "five days preventive care medicine". Do you mean a dewormer like Panacur? Or something else?

Human baby food and corn syrup is not a balanced diet, and in fact can lead to some serious malnutrition issues. A good quality, age appropriate dog food, either kibble of wet, is a much better option. Kibble can be soaked in warm water to soften it if he has trouble crunching it.

While it's usually a good idea to keep a puppy on whatever the breeder was feeding, if they were only feeding human baby food and corn syrup, I would seriously question their knowneldge of puppy raising.
Okay, Panacur is a routine dewormer, but metronidazole is a prescription antibiotic, usually only given if the pup has loose stools caused by giardia or inflammation/irritation of the intestinal tract.

Do you mean Royal Canin puppy food? It's a perfectly adequate food, although I personally prefer Purina Pro Plan.

I still strongly recommend a vet visit ASAP.
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