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Hi all,

just hoping for some tips to make sure crate training goes smoothly with Magnus our 9 week old cockapoo who has joined myself, my husband and our 18 month old cocker spaniel Maisie.

Ok so first off Magnus is lovely he's a cuddle monster and has only been separated from his siblings for 2 days which is when we picked him up. Naturally he wants to be around us all of the time which is understandable.

He gets on well with Maisie and they have good play sessions together without any quibbles (touch wood this continues)

I'm fine with the house training and basic puppy training as have been through all this before and actually Magnus is a star, he is very responsive and picking things up great. however our older dog took to the crate much more kindly and had a lot more independence so really just looking for some tips if possible to make the transaction to crating / being left alone for short periods ( 15 to 30 mins) and gradually longer periods ( 2 hours ) possible over the course of the next month.

So far Magnus has actually been with us in our bed for the first two nights while he settles in but we need to get him used to the crate so I have been doing crate training day times.

I have Magnus to a stage where he will go in the crate (walk in) happily which I achieved with treats and toys, now he plods in when I ask him to but doesn't stay. although providing I am right outside the crate holding my hand up with the wait command he will stay there with the door shut for 90 seconds or so, at which point a few whimpers may start.

I'm trying to build this up and have also started feeding him in the crate which has blankets, warm toys, chew toys and a stuffed kong which i use if training outside of meal times, it also has a cover over which can be removed easily so I have tried both cover on and off. anyway ill run through a list of issues below and hopefully people will be able to provide best solutions to avoid future separation anxiety.

1) NOT EATING PROPERLY IN CRATE. when eating in the crate ( to associate with nice things) he goes straight in but when the door is closed behind him he wont focus on his food any more and will whinge a lot until the door is opened at which point he will continue eating. if fed kibble which currently he is having 2 meals a day and the other 2 meals BARF, he will pick one piece of kibble up then run out of the crate with the food, or if the door is closed he will realise and start whinging immeditely. (I am ignoring his whinging and trying to open the crate as soon as there is a quiet gap but that's not always easy)

2) IT SEEMS TO BE BOTH THE CRATE AND ME LEAVING WHICH CAUSE PROBLEMS: I tried leaving him in a room uncrated on his own for 15 minutes yesterday while I put a wash, he cried the whole time. and he is loud one.I have also tried to progress on to leaving him the crate for longer periods of time where I am either in the same room but not close, or I have even tried leaving the room when in the crate for 5 mins and it is just constant howling / barking as soon as the door is locked. Which increases when i am then not present.

3) HOW TO AVOID HIM THINKING BARKING WINS : if i need to crate pup for 2 minutes quickly (such as when i had a delivery this morning) he barks straight away and obviously i want to let him out straight after but don't want him to think barking gets him out of the crate. any suggestions?

4) NIGHT TIME CRATING. WHEN TO START AND ADVICE. I am nervous about his first few nights in the crate as just hope our neighbours are understanding (one neighbour already doesn't love Maisie our older one barking in the garden occasionally and has brought this up with me, despote it being very very infrequent,,, she doesn't really bark at anyone other than her but dogs do have a sixth sense for nasty people right? haha). Anyway, I've read having pup in the crate on floor next to bed can help the first few weeks but their bedroom is just at the opposite side of the wall to ours so feel this will cause issues. at what point do you think he will be ready to sleep in the crate and where shall i put him?

If anyone can provide guidance on the best way to deal with this to ensure that Magnus is comfortable and settled as soon as possible it would be very much appreciated.

There is so much conflicting info online so its hard to know whats best. What it has made me realise is that pups can behave very differently, some take to their crate / being alone pretty easily and others really are a whole new level of upset.

advice and reassurance warmly appreciated.
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