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The family i live with have an 8yr old male kelpie who has had no interaction with other dogs and they got him at 4wks old (which ik is too early). Also he is not properly trained and wont listens to commands properly in this situation.

Anyways so i have recently gotten a new puppy (dane x mastiff). And due to the kelpie not being trained we couldnt exactly take him out to a park for them to meet and had to do it at home.

When they first met the kelpie was intensely sniffing her so she started to growl at him. Which then causes him to bark loudly at her which made her more scared.

Second meeting she was walking around a bit more and he was smelling her crotch so intensely that he was lifting her off the ground. I let this go on until i could tell she had enough of it.

Does anyone have any advice on what i can do to make this more smooth or better??
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