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I have fallen in love with a Dingo/Heeler puppy and would love to get her. She's 8 weeks old, and has been with the mother (dingo) since birth. Very caring people are raising her (who are train-hoppers, traveling back to Cali by the end of Mardi Gras), and she needs a good home. The mother is very well behaved, very sweet, calm, does well on a leash. I assume she's so well behaved because she lives at the owners hip every day, a situation similar to what this pup would have with me.

I live in a 1,000sq ft apartment with a roommate and work from home. I'm literally home almost 24 hours a day, unless I'm out side working out, on a walk, or down at a coffee shop for a change in pace. There are countless bars (non-smoking), restaurants, coffee shops, dog parks, and more in my city (New Orleans), and I'm excited to change my behaviors to support the dog's.

The issue is this: My lease is up on 4/30, and until then, I can't "have" a dog. I've spoken with my Super, and he's just afraid of the owner finding out. In this case, I already have a friend who can take the puppy for the 2.5 months, but I'd rather have her here. Would it be a terrible problem if I took the dog out of the apartment in my arms for the first 2.5 months, before we relocate to a dog-friendly, backyard enclosed house?

Since I'm home and have 2, soon to be 3 people I can count on to take the dog if anything happens (travel with work, super gets super-pissed, etc.), I'm confident I'll be available for a solid training of the puppy and give her the love she deserves.

My question is this -- should I get the puppy and minimize the amount of time she goes out the back door and pees, having her pee inside on pee mats PLUS taking her for 1-2 walks a day, depending on her energy level... OR should I wait until I have a better location to get started? If I wait, I'll have to pass on this little pup and look for another to cross my trail...

BACKGROUND: 2 years ago, I raised a golden doodle in a small house in Michigan, with my sister, and he's a great dog to this day. When I was 17, my family and I raised a Leader Dog for the Blind (who failed class because he had a sore foot and put his mouth on the doc, and they had a zero-tolerance policy SO WE GOT HIM BACK!). Both of these dogs are in Michigan, and I miss them. I'm 26 and would love the companionship of a good dog for lazy days around the house, for walks around the French Quarter, hikes around the swamps and levees, hiking the Smokey's, and for hanging out at dinner with me down at the corner burrito joint.

I would get a cage, blankets, a clicker, food, dishes, nail clippers, the whole shebang, to ensure my new friend has all she needs. There is a dog park 3 blocks from my place, and the puppies frolick every day.

Thanks for your help and insight!

The pup: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/fhidp
The mom: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/qkyh4
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