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8 week old pups? Your thoughts?

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I see lots of people posting about bringing their pups home at 8 weeks of age or earlier in some cases.

I just wanted to see what everyones' opinions are about this. Personally, I don't feel like pups should leave the litter earlier than 10 weeks if possible. Ijust feel there are so many less health and behavioural problems this way. Sure you miss a little bit of the "tiny puppy stage" but to me it has been totally worth it.

What about everyone else?
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for me, it's kinda hypocritical in a way.....i don't think that a pup should leave the mom/litter till at least 8 wks, and that would depend on the breed and individual pup (like mentioned above, smaller breeds, i think, should stay a little longer...and some pups just aren't ready to leave as soon as others in the litter)....however, i prefer to get my BC (and only the BC) pups at about 6 wks....the bond and partnership seems stronger between dog and person if they have those earlier wks, as well, but only if the person has the canine/puppy knowledge to get them thru what is critical during those last couple wks of litter time (does that make sense?)...this has, at least, been my experience and 2 other breeders that i have talked w/ have said/felt the same way.....(not saying it's 100%)
i got our 1st 2 Borders at 6 1/2 wks.....neither one had any bite problems, they both house broke quickly, are/were extremely social w/ people and typical or better w/ other dogs for Borders, no fear issues that aren't normal for any puppy in a strange environment....other than the genetic issues w/ both (HD) they are/were very healthy all their lives....but the bond between them and us (my son w/ the male we had and me w/ Lacey) is far stronger than the bond between myself and Tir (gotten at 8 wks)or Saoirse (gotten at 9 mo), and the same is true for Titch (who i raised from newborn) and me.....

i'm not saying that puppies should leave b/4 8 wks...i wouldn't let any in my litter leave b/4 then....but, in my (and some others) case, where the teachings and such are met, i don't have a problem w/ it....a breeder that i have talked w/ for quite a few yrs now won't let her pups leave till 8-10 wks, either, but she was/is willing to allow me to take one (when i have the chance to get one thru her) younger if i so choose, as she knows the pup will turn out well adjusted....and it wasn't for "instant puppy gratification" that we got them that young....

but i do agree that the best age is around 10 wks (8 wks being the youngest)
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