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8 week old pups? Your thoughts?

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I see lots of people posting about bringing their pups home at 8 weeks of age or earlier in some cases.

I just wanted to see what everyones' opinions are about this. Personally, I don't feel like pups should leave the litter earlier than 10 weeks if possible. Ijust feel there are so many less health and behavioural problems this way. Sure you miss a little bit of the "tiny puppy stage" but to me it has been totally worth it.

What about everyone else?
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Both Ruby and Quincy came to us a little older. Quincy was 6 months Roo was a week shy 3 months.
I think taking a pup away from mom to soon is really doing an injustice to the pup. Mom teaches so much more than any human can teach. Mom and pup need that extra time so pup can learn how to be a pup. I see to many people around here in a hurry to wean and sadly most assume that since baby has not nursed in 24 hrs and has nibbled on food, that it's weaned and then they get put into their waiting homes. Sadly most humans are not willing to wait and think the younger the better....Pups than get placed and start exhibiting some problems and soon pup ends up in a shelter...Not always of course but it happens here a lot. Nobody is ripping a human child out of their mother's arms at 12 months old....though I agree its different, I don't agree with ripping a pup away from it's mother either.

I also think that waiting til 12 months is a little extreme, by 12 months old they have bonded to their owner, have learned what the owner wants. To suddenly be taken away from that person and to be forced to start all over again isn't right either. Some dogs do well with it, others not so much. Quincy at 6 months old lived with the breeder, he had some issues, but I go tlucky with him, for the most part he was a wonderful puppy but teh transition from breeders home to ours at 6 months was tough. Ruby at 3 months is more confident, she is catching on to the rules quicker and is all around I think more content with her world.

Could be personality for sure in both my guys, could also be that Ruby had enough time with mom where Quincy had to much time and had to adjust again......
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