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8 week old pups? Your thoughts?

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I see lots of people posting about bringing their pups home at 8 weeks of age or earlier in some cases.

I just wanted to see what everyones' opinions are about this. Personally, I don't feel like pups should leave the litter earlier than 10 weeks if possible. Ijust feel there are so many less health and behavioural problems this way. Sure you miss a little bit of the "tiny puppy stage" but to me it has been totally worth it.

What about everyone else?
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i got my pup at 12 weeks. i'm glad i got her then.

simply put:
there is no reason to take a 6 week old puppy from its mother, other than you want instant puppy gratification

however, there are several good reasons for a puppy to stay with its mother until its 8+weeks, which have already been stated (bite inhibition, socialization, etc.)

of course there will always be exceptions, but in most cases, there is no real benefit to taking a puppy away early, other than "yay, i have a cute tiny puppy!"
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