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8 week old pups? Your thoughts?

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I see lots of people posting about bringing their pups home at 8 weeks of age or earlier in some cases.

I just wanted to see what everyones' opinions are about this. Personally, I don't feel like pups should leave the litter earlier than 10 weeks if possible. Ijust feel there are so many less health and behavioural problems this way. Sure you miss a little bit of the "tiny puppy stage" but to me it has been totally worth it.

What about everyone else?
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I think, in general, you get a better puppy if you wait for 9-10 weeks. 12 weeks is a bit long to leave them with the litter (unless the breeder is doing an excellent job of socializing them). I got Willow when she was 6 1/2 weeks old. She potty-trained extremely quickly, but was terribly nippy for over a year. I'm sure she would have been better if she had stayed longer with the litter. Same goes for kittens, incidentally. 9-10 weeks is optimum.
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