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8 mos old puppy - Too old to train from scratch?

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We're picking up a family dog, soon. We've found an 8 month old young'un who's captured all our hearts, but I'm worried he's too far past the puppy window to train without having some kind of late-dog-training issues. Because of this, I'm wondering if we move past our doggie crush and commit to a 2-month-old pup who we know is a clean slate, and we can raise fresh.

Can you begin training at 8 months and get the same results as starting when they're 2 months old?

Thanks for any advice. Hope you're all well.

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You are right, as a major exposure phase is already past you, we are currently on the same situation.
My belief is that any, but ANY dog can be trained to fit your needs, some just may require more effort.

In our case, the dog was in a family, so he came house-adaptable, but that family never took him out for walks (they let him go to the yard), resulting in him being terrified from other human or dog encounters.

After 2 weeks of working on that stuff with him, he immideatly started showing progress, and getting better by the day

What do you think your dog lacked in training up to his current age? where was he and what was his status?

I would also add: think about how much you are helping the dog.
you are already taking on a hard mission, and the older the dog the lesser the chances someone will give him a family he deserves - maybe you can be the one rescuing him.
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