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8 mos old puppy - Too old to train from scratch?

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We're picking up a family dog, soon. We've found an 8 month old young'un who's captured all our hearts, but I'm worried he's too far past the puppy window to train without having some kind of late-dog-training issues. Because of this, I'm wondering if we move past our doggie crush and commit to a 2-month-old pup who we know is a clean slate, and we can raise fresh.

Can you begin training at 8 months and get the same results as starting when they're 2 months old?

Thanks for any advice. Hope you're all well.

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Parus nails it IMO for the description of age and training

Personally, I would take a confident "wild child" at 8 months or 2 years over an unknown background 2 month old dog. Even one with bad habits, excluding true human aggression.

I can train a dog but I can't change inherent personality more than a tiny shift.
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