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What your dog eats does more than just fill his belly.

It also affects his overall health, quality of life, behavior and longevity. Unfortunately, dog food can also have a huge impact on your budget. Thankfully, you can provide your dog with good nutrition without emptying your wallet.

Cost and Quality

A more expensive dog food may cost more to purchase but it may actually be the better bargain in the long run. Many of the more expensive foods are made from better quality ingredients which provide better nutrition for your dog. In addition, these foods tend to be more nutrient dense, with fewer fillers, so you don’t have to feed as much food compared to a food of lesser quality. While researching foods, take a look at the cost of a package of the food, how many servings are in the package for a dog of your dog’s size, and then figure out the cost per serving. Use that figure, as well as the quality of the ingredients in the food, to compare with other dog foods.

Homemade Diets can Work

Homemade diets, raw or cooked, are popular with many dog owners. Not only can you control exactly what your dog eats when you make his food at home but if you’re a wise shopper, you can also save money. Before you switch, though, do some research. A poor diet can cause a number of problems for your dog. There are many sources of recipes, online and in books, and you may also want to talk to a veterinary nutritionist for some recommendations.

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