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I have owned a norweigian elkhound for 13 years and she passed 4 months ago. I just got Austrailian Shepard/ cattledog mix from a shelter. and have had her (Sadie) for 7 weeks. I also have a 6 year old lhasa apso female. The two get along well, play together equally trading dominance, and have even shared a bone while sitting together. However, when Sadie sees another dog on a walk, or in the park, she barks, jumps, circles and (i believe) really wants to meet them. If she can't get to them, she immediately approaches my lhasa and bites her behing the neck etc. The lhasa usually barks and Sadie backs off.

Sadie looks intimidating but I believe she really just wants to socialize. How to I manage this behavior? I have a very active family and bring her to little league games, parks etc. Other dog owners are hestitant to mix with her.
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