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7 year old male dog marking in my home

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My 7 year old Pug/English bulldog has started to pee in the home. We adopted him about 3 years ago from my daughter after the birth of her 2nd child because her life was crazy and he didn't appear to be suited to a home with small children. She has watched him a few times while we were away since then and didn't seem to have too many problems but now they have a female cairn terrier who he ignored until she went into her first heat...in fact that is how we knew...suddenly the little pest was desirable! A couple weeks ago she returned him to me after a stay with her of about 5 weeks. The last week of his stay the terrier went into heat and he again began marking her house. She couldn't exactly catch him in the act but there is no doubt. He has been home with me for just over a week and today there are 2 puddles in my basement and I suspect that he also peed in an upstairs bedroom (based on his interest in one spot...and his guilty look ;-). In the past I have watched my son's dogs and one of them did pee in the basement but it has been some time past. All spots I knew about have been treated as best as I could. So right now he is in his crate because I can't watch him while we work on a construction project and he's miserable. Anybody who knows Pugs knows if they aren't touching you they are miserable... When he was younger my daughter used a training collar so he is very responsive to the tone on it (we don't use the shocker so don't worry or get excited...I'm not suggesting shocking him) but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be pretty bad at watching him 24/7 and actually catching him in the act although that might be all he needs...one tone on the collar and he learns immediately that I don't like the behavior and he comes right to me like a magnet. He is intelligent and very eager to please but this isn't about relieving his bladder...it is clearly about marking territory.
So...where do I start to let him know he can't mark inside?
Thanks for ANY help!
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1.) Crate him all the time if the Terrier is present and is in heat (Yes. For all 3 weeks). Only comes out of the crate to go potty and for walks. That is how male dogs are handled when female is in heat. The Terrier should likewise be crated the same way when in heat if the male dog is there. NONE of this is "fun" and the male will whine. Constantly. Breeders deal with this.

2.) Keep him away from the terrier whether she is in heat or not due to her presence being a trigger for him to act like a male and mark territory.

3.) Use a crate. In your house. Terrier or no terrier. Go through the entire potty training again with the male. Crated when you are not there. Let him out. Praise and food when he pees outside. NO punishment when he pees inside.. simply watch him all the time and if he goes to lift his leg, interrupt and get him outside.

He is doing this in response to being around a dog in heat. Once the behavior has been established, neutering usually does not help and neutered male dogs may pick the behavior up when exposed to a female in heat. Punishment is not a good route to take with potty training (trust me, I DO use e collars and prong collars and I do use positive punishment.. and that use is VERY limited as positive punishment can have fall out if not done right).

Never use positive punishment with potty training. All that does is teach the dog not to potty in that spot or in front of you.

Good luck.
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