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7 weeks male puppy doesn't like kibble(royal canin?

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My 7 weeks male puppy named sultan doesn't like dry food(royal canin)..what i need to do馃槓
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My 10 week old came home with canin he didn鈥檛 like it either and he wouldn鈥檛 eat and he鈥檚 a beagle, so I started wetting down his food,and I bought puppy food Iams and kept him on water down food gradually drying it up, now he gets just dry @ 15 weeks (still is an outside vacuum, eats everything)
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Amen story it鈥檚 and neither is adult dog food puppies need puppy food for it鈥檚 nutritional value that鈥檚 why they make the stuff.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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