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7 week old pup? (cane Corso)

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Hello all,

Long story short my buddy has an “unexpected” litter to his beautiful cane corsos. He is also having an “expected” baby due this week. As one can assume he is totally stressed out.

He is trying to rehome his pups at the cost of the first round of shots (no profit).

I told him I would help him and take one off of his hands. Only issue is these pups are only 7 weeks old.

They are completely weaned off mom - and mom only sleeps with them. The litter area are together all day.

I have read a wide range of articles saying it’s ok to take a pup at 6 weeks but another article will say 8 or 10 weeks. So the range is pretty big. Just trying to make this a win win situation for myself, the pup, and my friend.

Background on me:
I’ve owned a cane corso before.
I have a 8 year one Rottweiler who basically raised my two year old shih tzu (got that pup at 7 weeks and no issues)

Since the new pup is weaned off the mom - my two dogs are friendly enough to teach some other dog behaviors and house rules - but obviously I want to do right by the pup - any thoughts?
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Generally speaking, the minimum age is 8 weeks. However if the puppies are weaned and are doing well, and since you have experience with dogs and this breed specifically, I think taking him/her home now is fine. Obviously it would be better to wait, but under these circumstances I see how that would not be ideal for the owners.

We got our first puppy at 7 weeks and she's just fine. Our puppy we got at 13 weeks is the one with issues. Go figure.

Congratulations on the new puppy. We would love to see pictures :)
Oh my goodness she's adorable! She looks like she might be younger than 7 weeks though. Unless it's just the angle of the photo.

I almost named my girl Kali. I still love the name :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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