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Hello all

Have a few questions regarding ex-pen and crate training:

I have a petmate plastic kennel and Midwest metal ex-pen setup in kitchen. During the day I leave the kennel door open into the ex-pen (everything is appropriately secure so she can't get out; but she is able to push the pen around a little bit since its only fixed securely around the crate). I leave water, toys and a towel that she pees on. My question is: should I leave this 'setup' set up while I'm home (apartment) so she becomes adjusted faster?

I've had her a week and only set it up while I'm away at work, then I let her play around the den under vigil eye. I'm only using the pen until she becomes fully crate trained, since I am able to come home for lunch to let her out. I know she cries, and my neighbor said she cried a very long time last week, I just don't know if she is constantly crying; but her pushing the fencing around the floor shows she wants to get out. Do you think leaving it up at all times will help her adjust? Can I let her out to play with me or should I get in the pen to play?

Crate training:

I put her in the crate and close the door when it's bedtime. I've been sleeping I the kitchen to help her feel comfortable and I know when she has to pee so I ca take her out pronto. My question: is it ok for me to sleep next to her crate for a week; then move myself further away to sleep say into the hall, then into the den, then finally into my bedroom upstairs? Is this method ok? Or is it overkill? I just don't want her to cry excessively because I have neighbors on both sides of my townhouse/apartment.

Your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated
W.D. & Beila(lab)
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