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7 mo Puppy question

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So we have a 7.5 mo puppy. We recently have allowed her upstairs to sleep in the bedroom with us. But we close the door not allowing her full access to all the bedrooms upstairs. When we wake in the morning, I go downstairs and call her...she looks at me from the top of the stairs, and then walks around our open gameroom sniffing around. I only worry that she might have an accident in that area. So I go upstairs and I call her. I try to reach for her to kinda nudge her along, and she kinda snaps at my hand. I know its not in an aggressive way or anything. So the only way I find to grab her attention is to go downstairs, clap my hands, try to open the door, or shake her treat bag. Then she is ALL attention. Is this normal behavior? What can I do differently so that she listens to me?
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I think that when you grab for her, it's a fast motion that may look like play. You might want to do "collar grabbing" practice with her, when you are relaxed. Grab her collar while you're petting her in your lap. Grab her collar and give her a treat, then give her supper... and so on, so that she learns not to react to a collar grab.

Also, teach her to come running downstairs by shaking her treat bag, calling her, and giving her a treat ... repeating many times throughout the day. After she's reliable for 3 days, don't shake the treat bag, just call and treat.

If she is already fixed, then I don't believe that there are any biological changes that should happen that would result in accidents from a 7.5 mo pup.
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