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6-week old puppy and crate

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Hi! I adopted a 6 week old lab mix yesterday, and have since done more research to find that she really should have been with her siblings another couple weeks! I don't know why the rescue had them adopted out so fast, but here we are! She likes her crate, and we're keeping her in the tiled area of the house, basically never alone, and she goes in her crate for long naps after 30-60 minutes of play inside and outside. I haven't had to leave the house yet, and I'm wondering what the best approach is? She's happy to nap in her crate, and I usually get her right out when she wakes up and straight outside, so we avoid whining. I'm nervous about the first time I have to leave her and that she'll be so traumatized that she'll avoid the crate all together. Any suggestions? Are puppy sized rawhide-alternative things safe for her? Can she handle a puppy size kong with peanut butter at this stage? I just feel for the next couple weeks I want to baby her a bit since she's so young! Thank you!!
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Look up "Crate Games." It sounds like she already is fine with her crate, but this might help get her used to being left alone for longer periods of time. There likely will be some crying, but this is normal. There will be some distress, but crate games will help get her acclimated and more accepting of the confinement.
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