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Hey guys,

First off all greetings from Portugal ;)

Second, my concern:

I have a new puppy a home, has been here for 3 month now. I have been feeding him Acana puppy and Junior (he's a going to be a middle weight dog, now has 17kg as 6 month old and is very tall and slim,no breed, I rescued him) 3 times a day.

He never ate the full plate at once , he went on eating until there was no food. But now he doesn't want to eat, I switched to 2 times a day, because he wouldn't eat all at once, but now he simply don't eat Acana. He will eat treats, any food he can find, plants, weeds, dirt (only when I'm not looking offcourse), but simply won't eat his Acana dry food.

Can someone give my some advice? should I change his dry food? I want to give him the best dry food possible....
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