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5mo pup pees in crate on video; ideas

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Sorry to start another potty thread. I've posted about this issue on another thread.

Male pup, turns 5mo in 2 days. Peed in his crate 5x so far. 2x this week. Video from today shows a puppy happily eating his kong, sleeping for about an hour then waking up, whining, scratching at the crate door. Circling. more whining. then mid circle he stops for second and small amt of pee hits the floor (no bedding in crate) he looks surprised, sniffs the pee on the floor. Whines, paws at crate door, circles, pees a second time. then circles whines, paws at door again and pees a third time, whines, looks at door. sits. then lies down and sleeps. He's just soaked with pee when I get home and see him.

I don't see a stressed out freaked out puppy. I see a hous trained pup that clearly wants to go potty and can not hold it. Video was of a 2.5 hour time that I was out of the house.

So I got a pup that can't hold it. Urine sample to vets comes up clear of any issues. Pup is from a breeder, who kept pups in ex-pen with open door crate. He'd never been confined to crate before me. I've done crate games, he started off crying in the crate at first. Now he's fine, goes in on his own. Always has gone inside open crates of his own accord. I took up the ex-pen that was attached to his day crate b/c I videoed him trying to jump out of it and getting caught on the top rail.... only for an instant... but made me fearful that he could get hurt trying to go over the top.

What I can do; get 2 double door crates. Zip tie them together. put a pee pad in one crate and no bedding in the other. Hope that he will pee on the pad and sleep in the dry crate. I can use the 2nd door on both crates to let the pup out of the clean crate and access the pee pad in the second crate.

Any other ideas? This was what the vet and I came up with. I leave town on Thursday. Dog sitter works a desk job and can come over for her lunch hour.

Puppy is bell trained, rings bell inside house to go out and potty. No accidents (until tonite when peed on the dogbed he was tethered to but that was easily my fault for vacuuming in the next room and not paying attention to him)

I do bath the puppy. Clean the crate, then spray enzymatic cleaner on it. Leave out in sun. I pee him before I leave. I make sure to wait for the puppy double pee.

Any other ideas?

No puppy proof rooms. He's chewed the molding and the railing in the dog room. I can replace the molding and rails but I don't want wood splinters in his GI system. Bathrooms have water hoses in puppy reach (to sink and toilets)
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When mine was too little to hold it, he had his crate in an expen with the door to the crate open, and pads on the floor. We still didn't leave him for large blocks of time, but he still couldn't make it the three hours between my leaving for work and my husband getting home. Fortunately for us he was able to hold it from about 12-14 wks or so.
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