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5mo pup pees in crate on video; ideas

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Sorry to start another potty thread. I've posted about this issue on another thread.

Male pup, turns 5mo in 2 days. Peed in his crate 5x so far. 2x this week. Video from today shows a puppy happily eating his kong, sleeping for about an hour then waking up, whining, scratching at the crate door. Circling. more whining. then mid circle he stops for second and small amt of pee hits the floor (no bedding in crate) he looks surprised, sniffs the pee on the floor. Whines, paws at crate door, circles, pees a second time. then circles whines, paws at door again and pees a third time, whines, looks at door. sits. then lies down and sleeps. He's just soaked with pee when I get home and see him.

I don't see a stressed out freaked out puppy. I see a hous trained pup that clearly wants to go potty and can not hold it. Video was of a 2.5 hour time that I was out of the house.

So I got a pup that can't hold it. Urine sample to vets comes up clear of any issues. Pup is from a breeder, who kept pups in ex-pen with open door crate. He'd never been confined to crate before me. I've done crate games, he started off crying in the crate at first. Now he's fine, goes in on his own. Always has gone inside open crates of his own accord. I took up the ex-pen that was attached to his day crate b/c I videoed him trying to jump out of it and getting caught on the top rail.... only for an instant... but made me fearful that he could get hurt trying to go over the top.

What I can do; get 2 double door crates. Zip tie them together. put a pee pad in one crate and no bedding in the other. Hope that he will pee on the pad and sleep in the dry crate. I can use the 2nd door on both crates to let the pup out of the clean crate and access the pee pad in the second crate.

Any other ideas? This was what the vet and I came up with. I leave town on Thursday. Dog sitter works a desk job and can come over for her lunch hour.

Puppy is bell trained, rings bell inside house to go out and potty. No accidents (until tonite when peed on the dogbed he was tethered to but that was easily my fault for vacuuming in the next room and not paying attention to him)

I do bath the puppy. Clean the crate, then spray enzymatic cleaner on it. Leave out in sun. I pee him before I leave. I make sure to wait for the puppy double pee.

Any other ideas?

No puppy proof rooms. He's chewed the molding and the railing in the dog room. I can replace the molding and rails but I don't want wood splinters in his GI system. Bathrooms have water hoses in puppy reach (to sink and toilets)
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He is a puppy and can't hold it. You know it. Now you have to fix it - make it possible for him to succeed, not fail.

He needs access to either a dog walker or pee pads. Try getting a large piece of linoleum and put it on the floor. Get an ex-pen. Put his crate (with the door open) in the pen, along with pee pads, water bowl and toys.
to funny. I appreciate the responses I really do but you need to understand that I have done everythign that you have mentioned to a T and then some. I am stay at home mom. But I need to leave the house for a couple hours at a time. here and there.

I did the ex-pen attached to open crate on top of vinyl floor scrap. I am the Poster Child for the puppy play room on top of a vinyl scrap of flooring. I did it with the last pup 3 years ago also. I started with the ex-pen set up you mentioned when he came home at 11 weeks. But at 4mo he was large enough to try to jump out. When he tries to jump out he gets hung (by his elbows) on the top rail of the ex-pen. I was worried he'd injure himself on the ex-pen and if he got out he'd continue to eat the wood rails and wood molding and get splinters in his Gi system. Resulting in emergency vet surgery.

Pee pads. Did that also he eats them, shreds them. Again a concern for blockages and emergi vet surgery. he also shreds and eats the newspaper. I get it that if he has energy to shred the paper/pads then maybe he's not tired enough before going into the crate.. But he's also a mouthy pup, He has access to bully stick. He's going to shred the pads b/c its fun to do so.

I DO exercise and train the dog before he's crated. Hence the epic 1-2 hour long nap in the video I refrenced above. He is tired. He naps the entire time int he crate. But when he wakes he needs to pee.

I feed at 6am, offer water. walk/train dog. Offer water then take it up. he's in the crate about 10am or noon and in for up to 2.5 hours. So it's been a long time since food/water.

Taller ex-pens are metal and flimsy and climable. I am worried that he will bring it down upon him and get injured. SO I haven't gotten a taller one.

edit to say that I Just opened the link above and I do a similar setup but I anchor the expen to the crate with zip ties so that it is sturdy and won't tip over if/when the pup tries to climb out. And I take up the water.
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WOOT!!! got off phone with dog sitter. She is so awesome! She offered to leave work multiple times tomorrow and make sure to let him out every 2 hours or less. So I can keep him in a crate.... or I can set up the ex-pen and HOPE he doesn't injure himself when he gets hung up by his elbows (not my favorite idea) But I still ca't leave pee pads or newspaper b/c he could swallow them.... so I'm more of a fan of crating for shorter intervals...

She has friday off work and will hang out with dogs and keep an eye on the little bugger. Making sure that he is never crated longer than 2 hrs. Keeping him with her in the house, playing with him.

Whew, crisis hopefully adverted. When I come home I can keep that crating for short intervals up and hopefully build up his time... When I have to go to the barn to see my horse I'll hire a dog walker to let him out.
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