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That sounds frustrating.
Whatever you do, do not scream or punish the dog. This will just cause more problems for you and your dog.
Unless you want this problem to continue, you will have to introduce a crate (Slowly - look up video or article online. If you introduce it properly, dog will actually like it). At the very least, confine the dog to a small dog proof /dog safe room while you’re gone. Dogs don’t like to potty where they sleep (unless sick or desperate) (a small room could be enough, but it may not be small enough). At least it will be confined to one room. Most dogs sleep all day when we’re gone. They don’t need a lot of space.
Do you give treats and praise within 1 second of going potty? If not, then you’re treating for something else.
Make sure you’re not leaving food down more than 15 min per meal. If you don’t know when food goes in, you won’t know when it’s coming out.
At night feed at same time, then start a list of what time he goes, so you’ll have a better idea. Also keep him in crate or leashed to your side at night until he goes. Keep trying to take him out until he goes and then offer huge praise and treats.
This may sound odd, but some people have had success with saving poop and then putting it in area where they need to go. I’m sure you bag up the am poop on your am walk. Try setting it aside somewhere (I know it’ll be harder in an apartment, but tuck it somewhere). Then put it down at night and this might stimulate the response time.
Is dog going potty in the same areas Inside? If so, you need to get a better cleaner, so dog can’t smell it inside either. It must be an enzyme based pet product like Natures Miracle. Household cleaners will not remove smell enough for dog. (Their sense of smell is 2000 times stronger than that of humans).
Be patient and consistent. Dogs don’t want to do the wrong thing. Good luck. You got this.
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