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Reason 657.6 why I keep my dogs separated. First thing, you have one dog that comes and goes. Do not think for an instant that this dog who comes and visits does not re-arrange the social structure with every arrival and every departure. IME it is the submissive dog that starts an issue.. I am not sure why.

Now in this mix is a 12 week old puppy. ANY dog that does NOT give a puppy this age a "pass" is unstable. Period. IF Loki actually SHOOK the puppy, everyone is very very lucky there is no dead puppy.

You can train, you can reward, you can work on this and maybe get a fix but it will never be a reliable fix. The instant all the dogs are together, they focus on each other and all that training can go out the window.

Separate the dogs. It is that simple an answer though it is not that simple a solution.
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