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5 week old lab/pit mix

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My roommate and I just picked up two lab/pit mix puppies on Sunday. As of today, they are 5 weeks old. I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.
We've been feeding them small puppy food soaked in water to help soften. How much and how often should we feed them? We've been doing 2 times a day, but someone suggested 3 times/day with smaller portions (we've been giving them 1.5 cups each).
Also, I'm planning to get Duke's shots next week once they turn 6 weeks, is this too early? And I was planning on having him fixed in 6 months.
Any tips, or if you see anything I'm not doing, please let me know.
Here are some pics, mine is the black male (Duke) and roommate's is the white female (Daphney)

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1. get them to a vet ASAP, whether or not they will be started on worming or vacs. They need a good checkup if they are coming from a place that would separate them from a mother before 8 weeks of age.

2. socialize when you can, but as mentioned, away from places that other dogs go, especially where other dogs eliminate.

3. I would feed at least 4 times per day. I would not leave food out as wet food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and your little guys don't have much of an immune system. Also feeding on a schedule will make potty training come along quicker when the time is right. A schedule going in = a schedule coming out...but not for now. Right now they have very little control and I would probably keep them in a gated room with a hard floor, take them out every hour but still put down newspapers just in case.

4. Talk to the vet about everything...being separated from the litter at such a young age and the consequences of that, bully breed behavior to expect and some suggestions for puppy obedience classes, how much to feed / how to gauge their weight and assess their growth, vac's schedule, speuter age, etc
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